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« After 35 years in holography business, I want to help visual artists who choose holography as their primary medium. I believe that holography remains one of the most "magic" mediums. Every time the public is exposed to holograms they are fascinated. I want to help artists to bring this fascination to art appreciators. »


Hugues Souparis, founder of the Hologram Foundation

The Hologram Foundation was created by Hugues Souparis, CEO of Surys, with the objective of helping visual artists work with holography. A foundation by French law the Hologram Foundation’s mission is to support artists in the creation of holograms that are designed for easy display anywhere and contribute to making holography one of the components of contemporary art.

Hugues Souparis is a leader in the field of high security holography. He received an award for creative audacity from the French President in 2012.  His company Surys (formerly Hologram Industries), established in 1984, provides holograms on security documents and currency for more than 100 nations.  Souparis wants to support and promote art, creativity and innovation: